Support Groups

Most of my work is with individuals. I also facilitate six different ongoing monthly support groups and one bimonthly group, listed below with dates (subject to change) through December 2023. These groups are designed to follow or complement a course of individual cognitive-behavioral therapy offered by myself or another therapist. Most offer members an optional private Facebook Group, to extend the support they experience in monthly or quarterly sessions. Please call me for further information or to register in advance for a group. There are currently openings in most of my groups. If you have already attended a group at some point in the past, it is fine to drop in again. Just contact me to say when you’d like to come, or RSVP on SignUpGenius. For 90-minute sessions, suggested fees are $75 per meeting, or $300 for any six meetings if paid in advance. Two-hour monthly groups are $100 or $500 for six meetings if paid in advance. Six-session “punchcards” expire one year from date of purchase. If these costs are prohibitive, you may pay a reduced fee of any amount that is comfortable for you.

OCD GROUP (6-7:30 PM)

  • Sept. 20
  • Oct. 4
  • Dec. 6

SOCIAL ANXIETY GROUP (6-7:30 PM unless otherwise noted)

  • Sept. 19
  • Nov. 8
  • Dec. 13

PANIC GROUP (6 – 7:30 PM)

  • Sept. 21
  • Nov. 15 (including Dr. Carbonell)
  • Dec. 20

BODY-FOCUSED REPETITIVE BEHAVIOR (BFRB) GROUP (Compulsive skin picking, hair pulling) (6-7:30 PM)

  • Oct. 3 (new date)
  • Dec. 11

EMETOPHOBIA (Fear of vomiting) GROUP (6-7:30 PM)

  • Sept. 27
  • Nov. 13
  • Dec. 12


  • Sept. 18
  • Nov. 6
  • Dec. 4


  • Sept. 26
  • Nov. 27
  • Dec. 18

In addition to the above recurring groups, I periodically conduct “pop-up” support groups, on topics such as Unusual Forms of OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Heights Phobia.